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Creeper S

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Brick Critics Staff Brick Critics Staff
  • I live in United Kingdom (will be visable to all users)
  • I am Male

This user was Reviewer of the Month in December 2011
This user was Reviewer of the Month in January 2012

I am Creeper S! I am the President of Brick Critics! I live in the United Kingdom, and I am an ULTIMATE Lego Fan! So here's a bit about me!

  • My favourite LEGO Theme is Star Wars and Creator.
  • My favourite colour is green.
  • My favourite character from Star Wars is C3PO (who I now actually have!).
  • My favourite Creator set is Seaside House.
  • I like helping other people with their reviews here, and improving them!
  • I am very happy to receive several Reviewer of the Months!

Here are some things I intend to achieve!

  • Make 100 edits: Complete!
  • Make 200 edits
  • Make 500 edits
  • Make 1000 edits

Well that's just about it about me! Be sure to message me on my talk page!

-Creeper S

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