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Vintage Minifigure Collection: Vol. 4

For the first time ever, Lego is reproducing classic minifigures. Each volume contains 5 vintage minifugres from different themes and years. Underneath each minifigure shows the exact year it was made.

This set contains a Classic Knight, Classic Spaceman (Blue), Blacktron, Robin Hood and Santa (Classic)! The Knight comes with a grey helmet. The Spaceman does not come with his original helmet. Blacktron comes with a visor and oxygen tank. Robin Hood features a red feather on his hat. And Santa is just being Santa!

Personally, this is my favourite of the Vintage Minifigure Collections! I love the Santa minifigure! It's just a great Christmas gift. And this is the first time Blacktron has been in any of the other sets. It costs £8-10. This has been rated, 5 out of 5!