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This page is for proposing new site-wide policies and subsequent discussions. Before making a proposal, please take a look at the existing policies first (Category:Lego critics policy). Suggestions for additions to the Manual of Style should be made here.

New proposals Edit

Image policy Edit

At Forum:File Names it was proposed to make more descriptive names for uploaded images mandatory. In addition to this, we should also codify the other decisions we made about images. (Forum:Confidential Images etc.)

The following points should be discussed
  • When new images are uploaded they should be given unambigious, descriptive names, i.e. (Set No.)-(Photo for this set number) or (set no. - name of the set) etc.
  • New images should be put in an appropriate category for easier organization. (Propose a category scheme for this in the comments section)
  • It is forbidden to upload any images that are labelled as "confidential".

Comments Edit

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