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Requirements Edit

Review authors are required to meet all of these points.

  • Reviews should be written in readable English.
    • Grammar and spelling mistakes are allowed, but please try to minimize them. Better English means better readability, and readers will take you much more seriously if you put effort into using the language properly.
    • Unlike the article space, there is no restriction on the variant of English used (e.g. US or UK), and this is left to the author. Consistency is important, though.
  • Don't write reviews about customs or other unofficial sets.
  • Don't write reviews about upcoming or otherwise unreleased sets.

Guidelines Edit

These are some generally accepted guidelines for Reviews. If you follow these, your review will fit in better with other Reviews, and you'll also appear more professional.

  • To make ratings, use the {{ReviewTable}} template. It was created especially for reviews.
    • Put all your ratings at the bottom of the review. Don't scatter them along the review contents.
  • There's no need to put images of the set in the review, unless those images assist the reader in understanding the review. (The review header already contains an image of the set.)
    • For example, if you're discussing a particular part of a set, it's acceptable to add a close-up of it.
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