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Brick Critics, located at, is Wikia's largest LEGO review wiki, which was founded on July 19, 2011 by Mr.Legos. Brick Critics's goal is to provide a free online review encyclopedia on LEGO. More than one years after it was established, Brick Critics has reached a size of 295 articles, and has 14 active users right now.


The first few days, the old president and founder Mr.Legos founded the wiki with a main page, and his userpage. Bob Bricks then joined, and was given admin and crat status. At that time, the wiki's founder left the wiki only to return to atempt to remove all other admins, which did not happen. The founder was to die later, only a about year after the creation of the wiki, to leave Bob Bricks as the new President of the Bob Bricks. And to countinue to edit and fix the MediaWiki of the wiki. But not without 2 heros that came to the wiki, which were Prisinorzero and Creeper S, (Creeper S know at the time as Super Scribblenaut). Which helped make the pages up to 500. But many of those pages were less then 300bytes, and were deleted to make the pages go to about 250. Now the wiki is going to hopefully get more users from a spotlight.


  • Brick Critics has 279 articles and a total of 3,368 pages.
  • Brick Critics has 884 files.
  • On Brick Critics, a total of 9,842 edits have been made, by editors, of which we have 0 currently active.

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