Brick Critics

So this set has 70 pieces, 2 minifigures,1 hour of fun,and all for $6.99


As always,I'll list from least to greatest.

Frank Rock:The Motorcycle-riding-rebel out for revenge himself!He has cool hair like Elvis.His double sided face has shades on one side and no shades on the other.Both sides have scars.He has a little stubble for a beard.His torso reminds me of Jake rains torso in the $20 set in pharoah's quest.He has back and legs printings too.He also has two pistols with a spare.

The Swamp Creature,the Main villain of Frank Rock:He has a cool headpiece while sporting an awesome hatpiece as well.His back and torso printings are pretty much the same,having ribs shown along with dark green.He/She has mossy oak stuff for leg printings.He/She has a spear too.All in all,pretty cool figs.

The Swamp Outlet!

Cool details with fish and frogs and a cool seaweed shrine.The moon stone is cool too.

Frank Rock's Rockin' Airboat

Cool boat with yellow lights and two flick-fires.It has a propeller on the back along with switches.He has a chair.It has gun holders too.

The Score

I give this set a 5 out of 5 for a cool,awesome,and amazing set with 1 exclusive minifigure.Thanks for reading!User:Mr.Brick