Brick Critics

Agent Chase's other face.


This is my first Agents 2.0 review.This sold for $49.99 when it was out.Let's begin


As always,ill list from favorite to least favorite:

Dr.Inferno:Includes firey hair(rubber material) with a cool robot arm.Plus,a white evil agent torso.

Tourist 1(blonde hair):he has blonde hair along with red glasses.He has a scared face and normal face along with tropical island on his torso back and front.He also comes with a camera.

Tourist 2(Brown Hair):he has a white shirt printed with a spaceman.Plain tan legs along with a smiling and scared face.

Tourist 3(girl):She has agent trace's hair in red.she has a scared and smiling expression.Her shirt has printed stars.She also has normal white legs.

Agent Chase:Comes with tourist 2's hair in black.he has a normal male agent torso,with the signature "A" sign.No back printings.He has glasses with a smile on the first expression with the other having no glasses and adetermined look.He has bulletproof vest too.He also has the agents I.D. badge printed on the legs.

Agent Trace:She has tourist 3's hair in brown along with the agent's speakerphone and a smiling and scared expresion.Normal female agent torso.Has no bulletproof vest.Also the agents I.D. badge on the legs.

Agent ATV(or Scooter)

This has a hook on back to tie around the robot's legs.It also has two yellow lights and a silver handlebar.Not much really.


2 flick-fire red missles.1 cockpit.about 75 pieces.Not all that much.

Dr.Inferno's new Evil plan:The Giant robot

To Be Added or in other words TBA.