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Log Cabin + two other buildings.

The Log Cabin was released in late 2011, and is personally my favourite Creator set! The set features a log cabin, with a door, windows and the back wall has a hinge, allowing you to open it. It also has a small river, a tree, BBQ, a small yellow boat and of 1 minifigure.

The Log Cabin contains a lot of detail. This includes the lights on the front of the house, log stools at the BBQ, small plants growing by the river and a mushroom growing by the tree (at least I think it's a mushroom). The minifigure also comes with the stick you use to row a boat with, and a green backpack (only ever seen in one other set).

Inside the house has very little detail, except for a fireplace. The tree is extremely detailed, using some repetitive building steps. You can also swivel the chicken on a stick around, for the affect of cooking. The other 2 buildings I don't think are as good as the Log Cabin.

I am rating this set, 5/5! The set is extremely detailed, with some superb pieces!

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